Panos, 50 лет, Греция, Спарта
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Уровень ответов: 48%
Имя: Panos
Возраст: 50
Месторасположение: Греция, Спарта
Знак зодиака: Рыбы
Вес: 93кг
Рост: 180см
Цвет глаз: Коричневый
Цвет волос: Шатен
Телосложение: Нормальное
Насколько часто Вы курите?: Никогда
Насколько часто Вы пьете: Изредка в компаниях
Ваш распорядок дня: Не имеет значения
Со следующими данными:
английский 3(средний)
греческий 5(свободный)
русский 1(начальный)
Семейное положение: Не замужем/Не женат
Вы хотите иметь детей: Да
Вы согласны переехать?:
Я согласен остаться жить в моем городе
Ваши жизненные приоритеты:
Семья, долговременные отношения
Творческая реализация
Духовный рост
Ваш доход: Хороший доход
В моей собственности: Коттедж / Дом, Aвтомобиль
Где Вы проживаете?: Отдельный дом, коттедж
Кто должен оплатить транспортные расходы или расходы на встречи?: Я готов заплатить за двоих
Образование: 3-4 курса института
Профессия: Художник
Какой религии Вы придерживаетесь?: Православие
Возраст: 38 - 48
Страна: Любые
Рост: 155 - 185 см
Цвет глаз: Любые
Цвет волос: Любые
Как Вы относитесь к тому, что партнер будет иметь детей?: Да, если они живут отдельно
Телосложение: Стройное, Нормальное, Мускулистое, Несколько лишних килограммов, Худое, Спортивное
курит: Изредка в компаниях
пьет: Изредка в компаниях
Этническая принадлежность партнера: Любые

Ответы на вопросы

Как бы Вы описали себя?
Не думайте, что "я рыцарь на белом коне".
Я гораздо лучше, чем он !!!!!!!!!

I AM MUCH BETTER (than him) !!!!!!

Не думайте, що Я ЄСМЬ лицар на білому коні.
Я ЄСМЬ набагато кращий (від йому) !!!!!!!

Alexander Mars (Panos) artist & writer.

I never tried to present the "smart"… "polite"… … with "self confidence". Those are stuff for kids, to play with. Sorry, but something is wrong in this! I observed by very early that these characteristics are quite incomplete... Epidermal, temporarily and feigned. With much nervousness, some vanity and, unfortunately, it's easy for someone to get...

A man has to work much-much more & to not waiting sympathy from anyone. To get strong, to be thoughtful man, to has true tenderness • massive… crystalline… above than perfect.

Happiness not purchased nor given somewhere for free... But this must to conquered. Things that really matters in life are 3 :
A) The success of decades goals… And therefore a great peacefulness with our self, a inner orderliness to “touch with our little finger the indescribability”. The balance between the materials and the mental. Not the poorness nor the greed. But, happiness inside-out
B) When we offer from our hearts for the others... And therefore a great understanding and communication in the society. The true glory by the community. The respect of our names.
C) The reciprocal love, the family care and children.
Untill now I am quite pleased by the first two.

I am balanced, calm, stable, open minded -so much that it is hard to explain in a few words-, responsible, absolutely serious to all the important things. With analytical-lucid mind and higher level of Reason (logical/sense). Quite peacefulness with my self and much sophisticated about life. With a thin sense of intuition and deep-deep thought. And also, with terrible imagination. But, this last characteristic, imagination, is ONLY for art creating (i never fly up to the clouds, I always be realistic at 101%). Also, i am warm, open-hearted, caring, too sociable and gentle like a kid. With pure goodness, romantic, honest and sensitive, very simple and friendly. My tenderness and my understanding for the others is like an undisturbed wide deep ocean. Unlimited understanding to the weakness of my loving persons.
I am democratic and cool character. I hate all the extremities (political, fanatical religious, dark occultism, witchcraft, all kind of cults, corruption, violence, prostitution, drugs, gamble, terrorism, war, nationalism, nazism etc). I hate all the addictions and all the mental bad habits, up to the smaller. I worked for 10 years close to experts and another 10 to be an expert. With scientific and safe methods. And worked this way to myself exactly for this. To overcome all the heavy thoughts… the hard feelings… and physical weaknesses. To clean my mind, my heart and get iron power of will. To clean (as much as i can) from the most of mental pressure that affect worldwide. Like… hypocrisy, grumbling, much anger, inner emptiness, misunderstanding between persons, silly fears, insecurities, stress, illusions about life, escape from reality, sadness without reason, superficiality, insaneness, hardness, hate, adultery, psychological and social problems, ignorance, greed, stupidity, vanity, bad jealousy, cries, caprice and selfishness.
The balance is more in the middle - into normal than the extremes. And this is one great secret in life, a "key". Humans are not "one", they are "double".
I am not idealist, nor materialist, but, both. Half and half. Plato and Epicurus.
I like logical european philosophy. and spiritual asian philosophy, also 50/50.
I love my country and I love, also, all the other world the same. 50/50, again.
I believe to modern kind of life, but, also, to old classic. 50/50 TO ALL THINGS. To be absolutely open minded and positive. But also, with strict principles and constant values. As real Spartans, we are!

I am not afraid the dangerous situations and the worst difficulties – because i had the misfortune to meet them, almost all, in the past (a dozen accidents, much-much pain, deaths of friends, conflict with criminals etc). And not scare me either. Too tough to die. I am courageous into the soul, too tough (if needed) and very-very-very strong. Quite to the body, but much more to the character.
I never got "dirty" money and i am loyal man, also. Note : never betrayed any woman. NOT even once.
From my mother i learned two things. It was the two above. Do not steal and to be loyal. That second is the most important in relationship.

And these are the points [& difficult status for us, also] :

The poet with warrior's soul of world's classic literature
It is the Socrates' stochasmos & Yin Yang's (chinese tao) unity opposites.
The realistic / logical / spiritual free man of european age of enlightenment.
samadhi or satori state of consciousness of asian enlightenment.
The simple - faithful - virtuous citizen of ancient greeks and first christians.
The ethic super ego of Sigmund Freud. in contrary with selfish Id / ego.
Immanuel Kant's «reason» & Spinoza's «oceanic feeling»
«Aristotle's eudaimonia (bliss) & Epicurus' ataraxia (peace).
It is the personification of LOVE in the manner envisioned by Leo Tolstoy.

So, alongside the material goods…
… let's expand our spirit and let's deepen our soul.
To overcome the misery and silliness of our days. With the BRAIN of the deep thinker, the HEART of a Child & the terrible POWER of a barbarian into the battlefield. All characteristics In one (Depending on life's cases and persons). Until reach the highest target :

The big… the endless… the deep joy, inside.
Into the mind & feel, into the power of will,
the man who has the STR R R R R ENGTH… …

…to do… …
For him and for his own…
Как бы Вы описали своего идеального партнера?
{Ohhh, those Russian women!}

For most greeks, the Russia is the “second mom” - and to some issues the first. By all sides. Historical, religious, political, ideological, artistic, culturally etc. And now it's time for complete family of!
Если бы через тридцать дней настал бы конец света, что бы Вы делали?
Dancing! With much laughing!!
And sand baths. rehearsal for... grave!!!
Если бы у Вас было бы лишних 10 миллионов долларов, чтобы Вы сделали?
Wow! Joop!! Joop!!! will spend all the money!!
I'll go mini market to buy popcorn! Or bluing. To eat and piss blue everyday (!) Oooops…!
Как часто и с кем Вы советуетесь?
A lot of advices. But, only from some good people, smart, successful, clean, calm, powerful, intuitive and wise persons.
Какое качество Вы особенно цените в лицах своего пола?
Exotic eyes and female cunning.
Какое качество Вы особенно цените в лицах противоположного пола?
I don't care much about my image. Why must care so much?
These things that are worth - they will understand, these things.
And those people, who they don't understand - are they worth it?

What you prefer ?
Sorrow which occasional, from outside, resembles joy ?
Or, endless joy which occasional, from outside, resembles sorrow ??

― What a sad all nice things finish quickly...
― Yes, but all the rest.

The life is unending happiness • for him who knows how to manage it.
And the pain becomes blessing • for him who knows how to redeem it.

(Alexander Mars)
Главный совет, который Вы дадите своим детям?
not to become fags and communists!! This saying the grim old men (!) in the village of my grandmother, Ха-Xа-Ха-Xа-Ха…!!!!!

I tell them to do everything they want in their lives. But, alongside to work hard, with pain, to become intelligent like wise men, loving like angels and powerful like warriors. To reach some of the highest targets. Not some mediocrity, which everybody can do. But, to get only the best.
To looks like the tops.
To looks like his progenitors.
Что Вас больше всего потрясло в жизни?
Love and death. Ecstasy and terror.
Passion and tragedy. God and evil.

Life it's a dipole with many contrary sides. And i have seen all. From lumpen and punks to damned psychos. From simple people to tough workers. From rich people to intellectuals and geniuses. And from good things to bad things. I kept the best, i threw the rest.
One only missing. Love until end & give birth to kids.
Последние книги, которые Вы прочитали?
A lot of. And the last years only pdf. In my life i have read about 1300 books for 30-40 completely different issues.
Ваши цели сейчас?
Be written into a school of chinese frogman in outer space!
It's family, i entered this site, what else ?
Кем Вы восхищаетесь?
It's two points.
All the great personalities in world history Like : poets, european thinkers of western age of enlightenment, major writers (especially americans, russians and greeks), humanists doctors, national heroes, anti-fascists, anti-racists, left wing / democratic famous Leaders, revolutionaries-real freedom fighters (not dictators, not hooligan, not monsters) who sacrifice themselves, not the innocent people. Also, I admire ancient philosophers, fearless warriors, martyrs, orthodox saints (старец, elder), explorers, historians, famous archaeologists, great scientists, fighters journalists, big psychoanalysts, criminologists, sexologists, spiritual masters, indian sat-guru, Native American wise men and far eastern mystics. And for the end I admire the big artists in modern world : painters, comic cartoonists, cover & poster designers, great photographers, famous pulp fantasy authors etc. This is the first point :

“I admire the strong men which are sensitive. I love the sensitive women which are strong”.

Only the one or only the other (strength or sensitivity) means nothing to me… Below zero. It's or arrogance or weakness. It's not clean force, but, cruel soul. It's not feelings of love, but, lazy nerves.
And the most important detail. It is not enough “to admire” some special people. We must try to become like them. Idols, of course, is the most foolish thing in the world. We must be ourselves. But, also, we should try to assimilate the positive elements of big men in ourselves. These persons, men or women, show us the path of goodness. Great humans never asked to “be worshiped” by the other people. they HATE this. Unfortunately, many other people have misunderstood this. Only the vainglorious people, the insecure people, the tyrants, the ridiculous people and the little men want “be worshiped” by the others. All the geniuses thinkers in the world, from ancient greeks, to buddhists and from western atheists, to eastern christians they agree only to one thing. In the world the only true glory, shine, endless happiness and power... is to love and to be loved. All the other "glorious" is vanity. And, for me, those, is only for laughing...
Great people first loved others and was loved later by them.
And that's why they are “big” . Because they feel equal with everybody (no “higher”). Equal until the “last” despised human in this world… In this selfish, weak, angry, unreliableness, in confusion and desperate world. It's simple. And the second point is exactly that :

I much appreciate the simple fighter of life…
Что бы я хотел изменить в себе?
The large negatives i cut all of it like "knife" • within half of a second • subconsciously • before born.
The very small "hangnail" I can not cut it. They break my nerves! Grrrrr…
Мои недостатки
Unfortunately… i am not perfect, yet. no way! I don’t give orders to anyone and i don't like to giving to me. So, the ocean sometimes can become heavy sea! At big pressure, very angry and exacting. But, after two minutes has forgot everything. I am ok, again! And then i embarrass and i apologize. My biggest weakness is that i am not practical about 5-6 small things into the house. This is bad. And, i try, i try and i try again…

I am not “politician” to promise… all things easy with soap bubbles and false red roses. In marriage they are many hard problems and misunderstanding. And sometimes painful difficulties. And the “magic” words for men and women is… “please” and… “sorry”. The soul's calm which opens all doors. To be there family peace. To make love, not war…

Lord… have you noticed that I try?
Mom… have you noticed that I try?
Or maybe love… have you noticed that noticed that i try?

Lord… can you please give me some time?
Mom… can you please give me some time?
Or maybe love… can you please give me please give me some time?
Can anybody give me some more time…?

“have you noticed” - Lolek (an greek art-musician, an angel in human's body, 2009) You can easily find him on youtube. worths.

Мои достоинства

note : these fooleries i say all the time to “catch” the silly women, хе-хе!
She is not coming near me (!) neither female cat. I don't have a clue what they want ! The only thing, that i know, is my blindness.
Dude, dude?... Where is dude?? Dude, the women have been driving me crazy!!!!!!!))))

It's only one. My special ability is to prevent and solve heavy, scary, confused, hard and big-big problems like “child's play”!
Мои любимые игры
It's the fishing. But, no the fish!
Мои любимые писатели и поэты
We'll never separate one from other.
If you're thirsty I'll become water.
If you're breathless I'll become air.

And if tomorrow you'll fall asleep forever
i'll become the earth's dust to sleep gently in my arms.
Even there you'll being mine.

«The real male is monogamous» Sigmund Freud.
Моя любимая музыка
1000 genres and subgenres of rock, metal and punk. Also, OST/soundrack, ethnic music/spiritual music from around the world, classic music, reggae/rhythm & blues, rebetiko (greek blues), disco/funk and rap/hip-hop.
Моя любимая еда
I eat my whole meal! I am good boy.
Мои любимые фильмы
art/independent, Cult/underground (strange cinema), comedy/sarcasm/self-sarcasm, erotic/surreal, epic/history, action/crime, exotic/adventure, political/war, thriller/horror, Spaghetti Western, fantasy/science fiction, documentary and only a dozen best stars from Hollywood.
Мои любимые сказки
Мое любимое занятие
It’s not a simple hobby. Became hard work. It’s the writing. My books is an combination of 30 - 40 different issues. Some of it completely contrary each other. But, the basic issues are 6:

1) Comedy (sarcasm, self-Sarcasm, government sarcasm!!!) hilarious & black humor, craziness, a waterfall of thousands funny maxims, with a taste of a little heavy humor (real sexual stories, adults only!).

2) High-adventures (MILLIONS, by all kinds of adventures) by my life, from my friends and from many other people.

3) 10 historical seasons (about 5.000 years). All world History from Greece and all other countries (about 120 countries).

4) Hundreds sub-genres of modern arts (music, eccentric cinema, poetry, lyrics from music songs , painting, comics, pulp tales, underground arts, sexploitation, science fiction, fantasy, scary things, mythology, mystery and many-many-many more issues)

5) 70-100 traditions, about logical western philosophy and spiritual asian philosophy, world’s religions, politics, Orthodox Christianity, atheism, sciences, sociology, metaphysics and other traditions.

6) Depth psychoanalysis (psychological description of the human characters in deep)
Работа, о которой я мечтаю
Money doesn't bring the happiness!
But, is better to we have it, as they saying!!! To nothing is missing

I have done some different kind works.
A) Trade gold-jewelry (21 years).
B) Another speciality is arts (professional painter).
C) And to another level psychological supporter (volunteerism, nonprofit).
D) Also, i have steadily incomes (from farms and other).
Until now in my family the words “something missing” or “crisis” is unknown. We are very lucky to this.
Alongside with some… … … millions things i have done in my life. In real life.
So, I don't have any more "dreams" • am doing.
Партнер, о котором я мечтаю
A real man does not ask crazy things. Because he does not need these things, these fooleries… He wants from a real female only… to be. So, what I'm looking (from her) is…
1. Be a “cat” (very smart)
2. Largest feelings
3. & respect. A similar respectful [as i give to her] to the full maximum!!) At least to get for my self the half from what I giving to her(!) This was one point. By me.
Another point is that. By her side. In our days every clever woman knows the right. And all other things. She does not need my "advice". At this time, I need her advice to become even better. And after these two equal and balanced points, to "stand to the end" [and no the "one night stand"(!)] will become too easy for everybody. "piece of cake".

Приехать в Грецию !!
Это для 12 месяцев в году !!!
За каждый год !!!!!!!!!!
Это как каникулы !!!!
Но, лучше ... !!!!!!!!!!!

FOR EVERY YEAR!!!!!!!!!!

Приїжджати до Греції !!
Це для 12 місяців у році !!!
За кожен рік !!!!!!!!!!
Це виглядає як свято !!!!
АЛЕ КРАЩЕ ... !!!!!!!!!!!
Место, где я хочу жить
Everywhere!!!!))))))))) And at my home!!

Alexander Mars (Panos) artist & writer.
[This Is Sparta, the real]

Well, that's me!
Как часто Вы хотели бы выходить в свет
Дважды в неделю
Что касается телевидения я
Выбираю фильм
Что касается денег
Да, я иногда бросал(-а) деньги на ветер, но я знаю мои пределы
Как Вы относитесь к походам в магазин за едой?
Достаточно нравится
Вам нравится ужинать вне дома?
Наслаждаюсь этим
Домашние животные и я
У меня есть Кот(-ы), У меня нет, но мне нравятся Собака(-и)
Какой вид телевизионных программ Вы больше всего любите смотреть?
Научно-фантастические, Новости, Природа/дикая жизнь, Ужасы, Фильмы, Обучающие, Документальные, Проблемы дня/дебаты, Комедии, Приключения/боевики
Мне очень нравится проводить свободное время
Делая какие-нибудь атлетические упражнения, Свернувшись калачиком с хорошей книгой, Обедая с другом, С семьей, Играя с моим домашним животным, Смотря телевизор или кино, Гуляя, В компании друзей, На природе, Сидя в Интернете
Альпинизм, Плавание, Прогулки, Тяжелая атлетика
Виды развлечений, которые Вам нравятся
Бары/Пабы, Концерты, Походы в кинотеатр, Рок, Поэзия, Чтение, Интернет
Другие хобби или интересы
Автомобили, Писательское творчество, Семья/Дети, Домохозяйство, Инвестиции, Живопись, Философия/Духовность, Фотография, Путешествия, Работа на общественных началах
Посмотрите на других пользователей примерно того же возраста. Они сейчас он-лайн и активны.